Group Exercise Staff

Celine Dastous - Group Exercise Manager

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: Cycling, Body Conditioning, Stretch & Release, TRX, Yoga, H.I.I.T

  • Education: M.A. English

  • Certification: A.C.S.M. Group Exercise Leader, Spinning, Piedmont Yoga Certification, Smart Flow Yoga

  • Training: Resist-a-Ball, Mat Pilates, Polestar Allegro, Turning Point Studios Pilates Training, Bosu, TRX, Yoga Tune-up, Therapy Ball Practitioner, ELDOA and Myofascial Stretching

  • Hobbies: Trail running, Road Cycling, Cooking, Medicinal Plants, Aromatherapy

  • Philosophy of Fitness: My favorite quote from Lao Tzu: "Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend."

Marian Bernstein

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood:  Aquafit

  • Education:  BA in English and American Literature

  • Certifications: AEA since 1996, Certification in Massage Therapy and Health Education, CMT/LMT, Aquatic Fitness for older adults since 2022, S.E.A.T. (seated exercise for active training) since 2021

  • Training: Massage therapist since 2001 and an Aquatic Fitness instructor since 1996

  • Hobbies: Cooking, Hiking, Paddle Boarding, Skiing, Silk Flower arranging, Playing with my four cats!

  • Philosophy of Fitness:  "Keep Moving!!!!"    

 Luis Perea

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: Body Pump

  • Education: B.S. Economics

  • Certifications: IFBB Coach, NOSTA PFT, Karate Black belt 6th Degree, Body Pump Instruction, Body Combat Instructor, Zumba Instruction, Strong Nation, Circle Mobility, TRX

  • Hobbies: LNT Therapist, Astrology

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "Train Smart"

Jennifer Castillo

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: BodyCombat, BodyPump

  • Certifications/Training: Les Mills, Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Balance/Flow, Les Mills Core, GRIT

  • Hobbies: Cooking, Baking, Volunteering

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "My philosophy is centered on empowering individuals to unlock their full potential through movement, dedication, and a positive mindset. I believe that fitness is not just about physical transformation but also about mental and emotional growth."

James Bucci

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: Boot Camp, TRX Basics, TRX Burn

  • Certifications/Trainings: National Academy of Sports Medicine-CPT, Performance Enhancement Specialist, TRX Suspension Trainer, Strong First Kettlebell 101, Diablo Valley College- Personal Training Certificate of Achievement, CPR/AED

  • Hobbies: Running, Reading Fiction, Writing, Gardening

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "Listen to my clients when they discuss their fitness goals and work to help them achieve those goals. I also seek to make their training fun and interesting so they can feel good about their fitness journey."

Heidi Chew

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: Yoga

  • Education: BA Business Economics

  • Certifications: Mark Horner, Hatha Yoga Shala-Pete Guinoso, Lighting the Path

  • Training: Shadow Yoga, Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 in depth studies with Mark Horner

  • Hobbies: Hiking, Gardening, Drawing, Watercolor Painting, Family time

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "To try to many things because variety is the spice of life; Exercise always lifts our spirits, so do something every day, but pace oneself in order to avoid injury"

Cutter Pederson

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: TRX Basics

  • Certifications/TrainingNational Academy of Sports Medicine-CPT, Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM- Nutrition Coach, TRX Suspension Trainer, CPR/AED

  • Hobbies: Being a father and husband, Fly Fishing, Snowboarding, Reading, Being Outdoors

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "I have firsthand experience with the life changing effects of physical fitness and healthy living. Living with rheumatoid arthritis, I incorporate a holistic, science-based approach to training my clients."

Sandra Franklin


Taylor Beebee

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: Body Pump, Body Combat, Certified Body Attack

  • Education: BS International Business Management

  • Certifications: NASM- Personal Trainer, Dynamic Sports Performance Certified Coach

  • Trainings: Russian Kettle-bell Certification, Advanced Training for Body Pump, Body Combat, and Body Attack

  • Hobbies: Cooking, Travel

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "Training should be enjoyable- do what you enjoy doing not what you feel you need to do."

Sally Gearhart

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood:  Aquafit

  • Education: MA in Business Administration 

  • Training: Deep water in pool training with Andrea in Concord and AEA classes, In pool training at Pleasant Hill with Sandra Franklin shallow water, Deep water training in pool at AEA classes and in Concord with Andrea

  • Certifications: AEA Certified, Safety certified, CPR/AED certified.

  • Hobbies: Tennis, Golf, Pet Sitting

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "Fitness is physical and mental health requirement. Also, a fit body makes you proud of yourself."

Lisa Andrews

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: BOSU Conditioning, Core and Sculpt, Muscle Conditioning, TRX, Stretch

  • Education: AA Child Development

  • Certifications/Trainings: Group Ex, Personal Trainer, Spin, TRX, Heart Zones

  • Hobbies: Running, cooking, gardening, traveling

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "Must be user friendly, accessible and fun! Important to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Very important to worship your body- nothing is more important! You are your competition! Be you, embrace your strengths and thrive to improve your weaknesses."

Rod Ciocho

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: Yoga

  • Certification: Mark Horner Moksha Yoga Shala

  • Training: Universal, Shadow, Iyengar, Ashtanga and Yin Yoga

David Brewer

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: TRX/ Boot Camp Combo, Tone and Define, TRX Total Body Blast, Mobility and Functional Balance, Athletic Conditioning

  • Certifications/Trainings: NASM CPT, NASM Virtual Coach, NASM Corrective Exercise, AFFA GFI, TRX, Schwinn Spin Certified, Myobility Certified, Hyperice Massage Gun Triggerpoint Release Specialist, IBBFA Barre

  • Hobbies: Love to go on hikes and relaxing walks through Martinez with my dog, Cooking with Family

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "To bring good health to my students not only on a physical level but psychological level!"

Angelique Pine

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: Dance Fitness*La Blast, Core Sculpt, Body Sculpt, Strength Express

  • Education: BA Journalism

  • Certifications:  AFAA, Group Exercise, Personal Training, LaBlast

  • Trainings: Spin, Mat Pilates, Kickboxing, Zumba, Zumba Toning

  • Hobbies: Art, Hiking, and Travel

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "There is an exercise style for everyone, do what you love!"

John Beard

  •  Classes Taught at Oakwood: Tai Chi/Chi Gung, Practical Self Defense, Golf Conditioning

  • Education: B.S. Nautical Science 

  • Certifications: Aerobics & Fitness Asso. of America, CPR, USA Golf Teaching Federation Teaching Professional, Global Institute of Energy Medicine-EFT Level I & II, Personal Belief System of Self Defense Certified Instructor, Okinawan Karate Association Black Belt

  • Training: Tai Chi- Yang style 8, 24, 40 step and Sun Long form, Chi Gung-Energy Arts Inner Circle, Hung Ga Kung Fu, Bok Fu, Muay Thai, Escrima Stick Fighting, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wing Chun, Uechi Ryu Karate, Taoist Meditation, Tibetan Meditation/Psychology/Kum Nye

  • Hobbies: Golf, Pool, Martial Arts, Music

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "Enjoy the process...Strive to Improve, 'Ease back to the Pro level'"

Shivani Kumar

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: BollyX

  • Education: B.A. Business

  • Certifications/Trainings: BollyX, CPR/AED

  • Hobbies: Reading, Traveling, Dancing

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "My top interest in life is choosing to be happy! I love life and every day that I can open her eyes is a blessing. I love encouraging people of all ages, and showing them that change is possible to get and stay healthy"

Virginia Dare

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: Spin, Tone and Define, Personal Training

  • Education: Marketing

  • Certification: AFAA, NASM- Personal Training, Aqua Fitness, Spin

  • Trainings: Spin

  • Hobbies: Cooking, family time, travel

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "Use it or lose it!"

Desi Dikova

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: Zumba, Step

  • Education: M.S. Civil Engineering

  • Training: Zumba Basic, Zumba Step, LeBlast Fitness, Silver Sneakers, AAFA

  • Hobbies: Social Dancing

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "Change your life one beat at a time!"

Pam Hall

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: Barrefit, Gentle Fitness

  • Education: BS Business Administration

  • Certification: NCCPT, USWFA, 200-hour Yoga Certification

  • Trainings: Parkinson's Specialist, Neuro-Sensory Specialist, Water Rescue

  • Hobbies: Hiking, biking, indoor rock climbing, yoga

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "We all deserve to feel our very best. Pain free range of motion and balance are key to feeling good about yourself. My focus will be on teaching you the simple movement practices that will become the foundation of a powerful fitness lifestyle."

David Henry

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: Yoga

  • Training and Certifications: RYT - Chair Yoga, Yoga Alliance, Immersion and teacher training at Yoga Kula.

Carolyn Remick


Carah Herring

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: Cardio Dance, Line Dancing, Cardio Cut

  • Education: B.S. Mass Communications, Bennett College for Women. MA Journalism, UC Berkeley.

  • Certifications: AFAA Group Exercise, Schwinn Cycling, Urbankick, Zumba. IDEA Conference Attendee. Zumba Convention Attendee, Aqua Zumba, AFAA Mat Pilates

  • Training: 15+ years of classical ballet; modern dance, jazz dance, West African dance. Stability Ball, Mat Pilates, BOSU, Gliding Discs

  • Hobbies: Traveling, Hiking, Exploring museums

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "Challenge yourself, be consistent. Stay positive and have fun."

Meg Coons


Tiffany Hoover

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: Bosu Burn, C, Core and Balance, Cycling

  • Education: BA in Theater, MA in Theater, MA in Theology

  • Certifications: ACE Group Ex and ACE Personal Trainer

  • Training: BOSU, Keiser Cycling, Stages Cycling, Group Power, Yin Yoga, Mixxed Fit

  • Hobbies: Dancing, reading, walking my dog, wine tasting

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "I approach teaching and training with playfulness, kindness, and direction. I am a life-long learner and hope to always be a resource for education. I want my clients and students to find enjoyment in moving and I want them to feel seen and heard."

Karen Johnson

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: Aqua Aerobics, Body Conditioning, Dance Fitness

  • Education: BA from Hayward State

  • Certifications: AFAA Group Fitness, Zumba, Mixxedfit, USWFA

  • Training: USWFA, SCW Mania Conference, AFAA Sunrise Yoga and Group Fitness, Mixxedfit, Zumba

  • Hobbies: Horseback riding, Reading, Dancing

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "Find workouts that you enjoy, then it never feels like a chore."

Cheryl Kasovsky

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: Core and Balance, Cardio Dance

  • Education: Hairstylist, Real Estate Investing

  • Certifications: ACE, BOSU, Core, Resist-a ball, Kick boxing

  • Training: Stretch, Zumba, Zumba Tone

  • Hobbies: Scuba Diving, Travel

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "To enhance the quality of life through health and fitness. While having fun!"

Janet Kaufman

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: Nia Dance Fusion,Yoga Dance

  • Education: BA Psychology

  • Certifications/Training: Nia first degree Black Belt, Nia MoveIT, 200 hour Yoga certification.

  • Hobbies: Jeweler Silver Smith, Metaphysical

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "Through movement we find health."

Laurie Koneski

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: Core and Sculpt Fusion, Core/Restore, Cycle Body Conditioning

  • Education: B.A. Film/Video

  • Certifications: A.C.E. Group Fitness Instructor, A.C.E. Personal Trainer, Spinning, Polestar Pilates Reformer/Mat, TRX, Nutritional Counseling

  • Training: Functional Fitness, Myofascial Release/Restoration, Corrective Exercise, HIIT, Boot Camp

  • Hobbies: Music, Film, Crossword puzzles, Pickleball, Reading

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "I believe in providing services that prevent injury and imbalance and promote health and healing."

Tina Ory

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: Mat Pilates

  • Education: B.S. Physical Education, Teaching Credential

  • Certifications: Certificate in Pilates by Physical Mind, U.S. Water Fitness Assoc. A.F.F.A. instructor, Yoga for Kids and New Generation Yoga

  • Training: Resist-a-Ball, Balance Body Reformer , Yoga Kids

  • Hobbies: playing with my two grandsons, going to the beach, hiking, swimming, opening my door for friends

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "I teach young kids, so I have always felt fitness needs to be lifelong learning, things you will do as a child, then as a teen, going into adulthood, parenthood and grandparenting! Keep it fun, uplifting, motivating and good for you, what makes you feel good and you can share it with others is a true blessing of fitness."

Kathleen Ostler

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: Zumba, Body and Sole

  • Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater and Dance

  • Certifications: NIA Black Belt, Zumba B1/B2, MELT Method Certified hand and foot, AFAA Certified

  • Training: 3 Mastery of Teaching intensives

Noel Panganiban

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: Cycling, Ball, Zumba, Body Conditioning, Gentle Pilates & Stretch.

  • Education: B.S. San Francisco State University

  • Certifications: AFAA Group Exercise Leader, Zumba, Lifetime Spinning, U-Jam, Urban Kick, Strong by Zumba

Monica Phillips

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: Yoga

  • Education: MA International Education, BS Journalism

  • Certifications: YogaWorks 200 and 300 hour Teach Training Graduate, Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500), Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, Certified Positive Intelligence Coach

  • Training: Vinyasa Flow Gentle Flow, Strength, Stretch and Balance, Reading Bodies, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, Yoga Philosophy, Meditation and Mindfulness

  • Hobbies: Spending time outdoors and near the ocean, hiking, paddle boarding, traveling, reading, listening to music

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "Invite movement into your body so you gain strength in your body, peace in your heart, and calm in your mind. Being present is the biggest gift we can give to ourselves and those around us. In this busy, always-on world, that can be the hardest thing to do."

Veera Sanjana

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: Hatha Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Energy Yoga, Chair Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga for Stress and Meditation

  • Education: M.A. Economics, M.S.W (Social Work & Community Services)

  • Certifications: Munger School of Yoga Teachers Training Certification (India), Certificate of Teaching Yoga Center, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Certified Compassionate Touch Instructor

  • Training: Yoga Pravesh, Yoga Parichay in India, Dance and Movement Therapy, Herbology (Ayurvedic and Chinese), Vipaasana Meditation, Kripalu Yoga

  • Hobbies: Research and study in fields of Eastern Philosophy, Yoga, wellness, brain and the power of the mind, mantras, mudras, meditation, mindfulness, tapping. Growing herbs and medicinal plants, ayurvedic cooking, doing workshops on healthy healing foods, Yoga/Meditation retreats, herbal cooking classes

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "Yoga does not just change the way we see things. It transforms the person who sees." - BKS Iyenger

Heather Schrag

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: Spin, Body Conditioning, Kickboxing

  • Education: BA Journalism, MA Counseling

  • Certifications: AFAA, Insanity, Group Fight, Group Power, Group Groove, Schwinn Cycling

  • Hobbies: Gardening, Playing with my dog, Kids, Traveling, Music

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "It's better in groups!"

Tori Sovocool

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: Cycling

  • Education: UCLA

  • Certifications: Schwinn, TRX, ACE Group Fitness

  • Hobbies: Biking, Sewing quilts, Baking Dairy Free

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "Progression! You will have ups and downs but keep going and you'll feel better!"

Sue Thomas

  • Classes Taught at Oakwood: Step, Cycling, Muscle Conditioning, Interval Training, Circuit Training, Boot Camp, TRX, Tabata, Step with Muscle

  • Certifications: A.C.E Group Exercise, A.C.E. Personal Trainer, Spinning

  • Training: Bosu, Gliding, AI Stretch, Stability Ball, TRX

  • Experience: 38 years

  • Hobbies: Hiking, Biking

  • Philosophy of Fitness: "Make it fun and you'll keep doing it!"

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