Massage is a great way to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate. Our certified massage therapists offer a wide variety of techniques to soothe and revitalize your inner spirit. Contact the Front Desk to choose a massage style, find a therapist that fits your needs, and schedule your massage. Services are available for members and their guests only.

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Appointments can be made by phone or in person at Oakwood. All appointments begin promptly at their scheduled time. Please specify the type of massage you prefer, and the duration of time.

Cancellation Policy

We understand if things come up but please give us an 8 hour notice in advance. No shows or less than 8 hours advance notice will be charged 100% of the service booked.

Here are a few helpful hints to achieve the best results:

  1. Please check in at the front desk upon arrival.
  2. Prior to your massage, we recommend you relax--enjoy the spa, steam bath or sauna for a while. This will enhance your experience and allow your body and mind to fully reap the benefits of your relaxing massage.
  3. Collect a robe from the Front Desk and enter the massage area at your scheduled appointment time. Your massage therapist will find you in the locker room lounge area. You will be covered in a sheet during the massage; undergarments are optional.
  4. Appointments begin promptly at their scheduled time.
Types of Massage

This technique helps release muscular tension and enhance the body’s own natural curative abilities. Acupressure uses firm pressure along the meridians (energy channels) of the body which helps reduce muscular tension and promote a complete self healing.

Deep Tissue Massage

For those with more difficult stresses to release, the deep muscle tissue is targeted with this massage to release chronic muscular tension and lactic acid from the muscle fibers. This approach uses a variety of techniques generally using greater pressure to reach the deeper tissues.


For those who want to improve circulation and release tension within the body, the method of reflexology provides an excellent solution. The massage therapist applies pressure to the feet on specific points which release the body’s own natural healing qualities.


This popular massage technique is designed to relieve muscular stiffness, eliminate fatigue and stimulate the body’s own natural abilities to cure itself. The Shiatsu style of massage uses specific finger pressure on concentrated points of the body.

Swedish Massage

For increased circulation of the blood and lymph systems, try the Swedish massage method. This style of massage uses oil in combination with rubbing and rolling of the muscles which stimulates the nerves and relaxes the muscles. Best of all, this technique works wonders to nourish the skin and reduce stress.

Sports Massage

There are times when only a Sports Massage will do. Used for specific sports injuries to the tendons and muscles that need a speedy recovery, this special technique incorporates stretching in the treatment. It not only increases recovery, but also helps in preventing future injuries.

Prenatal Massage

Massage during pregnancy is therapeutic body work which focuses of the special needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the dramatic changes of the childbirth experience. We have a specially designed pillow that makes it possible for the expectant mom to lie flat on her stomach. The pillow has a deep center cutout so that bellies are accommodated and mother-to-be is relaxed and comfortable.

Hot Stone Therapy

During this 80 minute massage, hot stones are heated in water, then lubricated with oil. Your therapist places the stones on specific areas of the body and holds a stone in each hand while massaging you body. The heat within the stones helps penetrate deeper into your muscle tissue, inducing deep relaxation and releasing unwelcome toxin.

20 Minute Headache Relief

Headaches? Massage can help manage stress and relieve tension - two of the main causes of migraine and tension headaches. A variety of techniques can be integrated to reduce symptoms associated with migraines. Depending on the severity of your migraines or tension headaches, your therapist may utilize Reflexology, Swedish massage, or other methods that address your specific requests and needs.

  • 20 minute massage: $45
  • 20 minute headache relief: $50
  • 50 minute massage: $90
  • 80 minute massage: $130
  • 80 minute Hot Stone massage*: $160

*available from select therapists

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