To Enhance and Enrich the Lives of Our Members

Fitness First Program

Our Fitness First Program is here to help you get acclimated to the Fitness Floor, build a workout routine, and excel to the next level!

Session 1: Assesment and Goal Setting

During this session you will meet one-on-one with one of our staff and we will:

Discuss your goals

Assess current or previous injuries or limitations

Take baseline measurements such as:
    - Heart Rate
    - Blood pressure
    - Crunches
    - Sit and reach
    - Push-ups
    - Cardiovascular stress test

Set your fitness goals

Session 2: Programming

This session you will get you moving on your workout routine. Be sure to wear your workout attire!

You will:
Be out on the fitness floor and learn how to use cardiovascular and strength equipment to help you meet your goals.
Receive a written workout with machine name, weights, sets and reps for you to reference when working out on your own.

Session 3: Program Follow-Up

This is your workout tune-up!
It's your chance to:

Perfect your exercise technique
Ask how to do any new exercises
Adjust weights, sets, and reps as needed

All sessions must be complete within your first 60 days of membership.

Members outside of their first 90 days of membership interested in learning the strength equipment should inquire on the Fitness Floor about Oakwood's complimentary Introduction to Strength course. This course is hosted once a month. Exact dates and times are posted upstairs on the Fitness Floor.

Fitness First for TEENS know available
More information here.