Childcare Guidelines

Child to Staff Ratios
Oakwood Athletic Club complies with state ratio requirements for unlicensed Childcare facilities as follows:  
6 weeks to walking
1 staff member to 4 infants
Walking to 2 years
1 staff member to 4 infants
2 to 6 years 1 staff member to 12 preschool age children
6+ years 1 staff member to 14 school age children

*Please remember that only a parent of the child may check them in and out of Childcare.  Family, friends, and babysitters may not check children in or out of Childcare.

In order to provide excellent service to all Oakwood members with children, Childcare services are offered on a reservation system to make the process easy and fair. Members may make reservations online or by calling childcare up to two days in advance. Reservations can only be made for your own children. Voice mail reservations are not accepted. Members are eligible for 2-1/2 hours of reserved time. Walk-ins are discouraged but will be taken space permitting. There will be a 15-minute grace period allowed for all reservations. If members do not check in within the grace period, they forfeit the reservation and a late to reservation fee will be charged to their account. Please note: children must be picked up on time, regardless of whether the full 2-1/2 hours allowed is reserved, in order to avoid a late fee being assessed.

Voice mail is available to make cancellations. Cancellations must be made by 8:00am or two hours prior to their reserved time in order to avoid the late cancellation fee.

Check-In Procedures
To check a child into Childcare, parents must give the Childcare attendant their membership number. The parent will receive a label to place on their child's back upon check-in. This label provides Childcare staff with pertinent information such as first and last name, the parents name that checked them in, their age group, where the parent will be in the Club, and any necessary notes or allergies that you have altered chidcare to.  In order to avoid confusion, labels should be attached to a child’s clothing rather than jackets, blankets or car seats that will not remain with the child at all times. All children, including juniors, will receive a label for safety purposes. For the safety of all children, parents must refrain from entering into the inner child care area. Pertinent information must be provided at check-in, including the location within the Club where the parent plans to be, and any special instructions.

Check-Out Procedures
For the safety and protection of all children, it is important that parents go through the proper procedures when picking up children from Childcare. The parent that checked-in must be the parent checking out the child. The attendant will retrieve the child from the inner portion of Childcare. Due to safety reasons, parents are not allowed to enter into this inner portion of the child care area.

The fee for Childcare is $11.00 per hour per child. This fee does not apply, however, for children who are Oakwood members or paying the youth fee. The service is offered for 2-1/2 hours per day per child, and at a nominal fee thereafter up to a maximum of four hours. 

Click here to download the full Childcare Guidelines.

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